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The Little Read: Perfectly Norman

The Little Read returns to Durham Book Festival with the uplifting storybook Perfectly Norman, written and illustrated by Tom Percival. This exciting project for children and families will see us distribute 500 free copies of the book to every primary school in County Durham, along with teachers’ resources.

We will also be working with children in Blackhall, Coundon Grange, Greenhills, Pelton and Tow Law to create songs that will be performed by a live band of professional performers as part of our story gig.

Norman is normal – perfectly normal. That is until he grows a pair of wings! Norman loves his new wings, but he’s worried about what everyone will think. He feels the safest plan is to cover up his wings. But hiding the thing that makes you different is tricky. Can Norman ever truly be himself?

Supported by the National Lottery Community Fund and the 3 Towns Partnership Fund

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