Yours Sincerely: The Climate Letters


It’s now or never. According to the latest IPCC report, to keep global temperature rise under 1.5C means that carbon emissions from everything that we do, buy, use or eat must peak by 2025, and fall rapidly after that, reaching net-zero by the middle of this century. The total amount of CO2 that the world has emitted in the last decade is the same amount that’s left to us now to stay under this key threshold.

In this third and final collective project of Linda France’s Writing the Climate residency, we made an open call to the public to write (and send) a letter about their take on the accelerating climate and ecological crisis. As writers, our superpower is a way with words, and words are energy, making a difference to the world we live in. This was a chance to harness our creativity and skill to lift the way we use our natural resources, to express our feelings and ideas on this crucial subject affecting all our lives now and threatening our children’s future.

The Your Sincerely installation will be in Clayport Library from 11th-15th October. The interactive display includes a selection of the letters we received, as well as ten commissioned pieces from writers who have worked with Linda during the course of her three-year residency. It also features artwork by Gemma Koomen.

You can read some of the letters in an online showcase of the project here.

photo of envelopes and letters pegged to grid display board, green wall behind

Events at Durham Book Festival

The project so far...


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