Writing the Missing – Folding Water

Across time and water, in beautiful and startling words, soundscapes and images, award winning disabled activist, writer and performer Lisette Auton weaves together character and setting to provoke debate and action. Lisette asks why she is still folding herself into the impossible. And what would happen if she finally said no?

It’s three years since the first film bubbled into existence. Who knew what we had in store for us? Can Lisette still be kind when more than ever she feels like a missing? When the world, and you, is full of rage. When the political rhetoric says you do not have value. Where have all the promises gone? What would she say to the blue-dress river-woman if she had the chance and what would she reply? What happened to the newsreader when Brexit, austerity, inflation, soaring prices, food & fuel poverty finally washed up at his door?

Following the success of Durham Book Festival commissioned films Writing the Missing – The River Cycle (winner of The Journal Culture Award 2021 for Performance of the Year) and Writing the Missing – All At Sea, Lisette Auton and Rob Irish come together for the final time in the Water Trilogy to push the creative boundaries of access, words and kindness, with Writing the Missing – Folding Water.

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