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EVENT REVIEW: Faber Proof Party: Bev Thomas, Claire Adam and Claire McGlasson

11 October 2018

6th October, 2018

Palace Green Library Café

Review by Marta Nowak

When it comes to writing a book, Bev Thomas, Claire Adam and Claire McGlasson know a thing or two. Their work ranges from thrillers to fictional tales mixed with some truth. Sitting in the same room as them, I felt chills going down my spine as I heard one after the other read out the first chapter of their books. The way this was done was intriguing to say the least, and made me more and more excited to get the books and start reading them myself. 

The turning point, however, was having to wait until the event was over to get my hands on the overly-appealing paper goody bags just sitting in the corner of the room, which I knew included all three book proofs. That wasn’t the only thing on offer, though – you were also treated with either a glass of gin and tonic, or some water. Starting off, Claire McGlasson spoke of her book, reading out a section to the audience and subtly hinting at the plot. She wrote her book based off a female cult operating in the shadow of the Great War. She was inspired to write the story though one of the girl’s point of view and experiences. 

Bev Thomas has written an enthralling psychological thriller, to which she threw in some knowledge of the role that she already had. The plot of the story looks into the mind of her character instead of her patient, as many books have done before. 

Claire Adam features some similarities to Bev’s book, but there are many different plot twists lurking around the corners of the pages. Her book is set in her hometown, and her work hopes to feature some of the most breathtaking qualities, to balance out the dark mood of the book. 

When asked about what is one is the most important qualities to have, they replied that everyone is a writer, whether they are an emerging writer or publishing a book. The key to being successful at this is reading a lot, and letting yourself adapt some features from other people’s work, to create your own style.

This work was produced by participants on our Durham Book Festival Reviewers in Residence programme, a cultural journalism programme run by New Writing North Young Writers. Reviewers in Residence gives aspiring journalists aged 15-23 the chance to review books, attend events and interview authors at the Durham Book Festival. For more information about New Writing North Young Writers visit the New Writing North website.

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